Six Month Smiles in Colindale

Get stunning straight teeth in just 6 months in Colindale

6 Month Smiles is a new type of dental brace which aims to straighten your teeth in just 6 months. It is a fixed, clear brace that is very discreet because it is made from tooth coloured wires and brackets.

This brace treatment focuses only on the teeth at the front of your mouth which means your treatment time is hugely reduced to about 6 months.

As Six Month Smiles focuses on treatment at the front of your mouth, it may not be suitable for everyone especially if you have a problem with your bite.

Once you decide to go ahead with the treatment, your dentist will take impressions or moulds of your mouth and teeth. From this, your braces will be custom-made for you. At your next appointment, your braces will be fitted on to your teeth and they will not be removed again until the treatment has finished. This appointment usually takes about an hour. You will continue to see your dentist regularly throughout your treatment to check how your teeth are moving, for adjustments and to check that everything is going as planned.

Benefits of Six Month Smiles

Patients throughout Colindale, Edgware, Mill Hill and Kingsbury Green are turning to 6 Month Smiles to get their teeth straightened. Patients love Six Month Smiles because:


  • Treatment is much faster than traditional fixed braces with most patients seeing results within 6 months
  • The clear brackets and tooth coloured wires make these braces very discreet and almost invisible to other people
  • Six Month Smiles are affordable braces because the treatment time is greatly reduced compared to traditional fixed braces
  • Friction free technology means that the pressure is reduced with these braces making them more comfortable to wear

Frequently Asked Questions About Six Month Smiles

How do 6 Month Smiles work in just 6 months?

6 months is the average treatment time. Some clients finish their treatment in just 4 months and others are closer to 9 months. The braces have been designed especially for adults with crooked, gappy or misaligned teeth. These braces focus only on the teeth at the front of your mouth, so it is not suitable for severe orthodontic issues.

If I have an overbite can I have 6 Month Smiles?

A dentist will need to assess your teeth in person and make a judgement about your specific case and needs.

Do these braces hurt?

No. Most patients find that it takes some time for them to adjust to wearing these braces. You may experience some mild pressure or discomfort and you can take painkillers or paracetamol to relieve this. In a few days, you will be used to wearing your new braces and any symptoms of discomfort should be gone.

Why choose Coco Dental Six Month Smiles

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