Perfect Smile Aligners in Colindale

Straighten your teeth with Perfect Smile Aligner clear braces

If you have crooked, protruding or gappy teeth or if you have a problem with your bite, we can help with our adult clear braces.

More adults now realise that they can have the smile of their dreams and correct their teeth with clear braces. Our clear braces are practically invisible so you can straighten teeth without anyone else knowing!

Unlike traditional braces which are metal and are fixed to your teeth, clear braces are made of a thin clear plastic which sit over the top of your teeth. There are no brackets or wires, so patients find them comfortable to wear and other people struggle to spot them!

How do clear braces work?

First, your teeth will be photographed and X-Rayed. From this, we can create a series of thin clear aligners that are bespoke to your teeth.

You will need to change your aligners on a regular basis – usually every week or every two weeks. This allows for the gradual movement in your teeth as they are being corrected.

The clear aligners sit over the top of your teeth and you must take them out to eat and drink. Through gentle forces, the clear braces work to straighten your teeth. Most patients find that treatment is quick and completed within 12 months.

Clear braces can help address the following issues:

  • Straighten crooked teeth
  • Space out gappy teeth
  • Correct protruding teeth
  • Correct bite problems including under, over, open and cross bite

Benefits of clear aligners from COCO Dental in Colindale

With clear braces from COCO Dental you can:

  • Have the smile that you’ve always wanted!
  • Straighten or correct your teeth invisibly – no one else needs to know
  • Take your clear aligners out to eat, drink, brush your teeth and for extra special occasions
  • Maintain a better oral hygiene by removing your clear braces to brush and floss as usual
  • Carry on your life as usual – clear aligners are discreet and comfortable
  • Have less visits to your dentist because your clear aligners are made up front for you
  • Achieve the smile of your dreams in a matter of months

Frequently Asked Questions about Perfect Smile Aligners

Why do I need to change the clear aligners?
Each aligner is made to fit and treat your teeth at the specific point in your treatment plan. Once you have worn them for the length of time given by your dentist, you simply move on to the next aligner in the series.
Can anyone wear Perfect Smile Aligner clear braces?
Most people will be able to wear these clear braces. Your dentist will need to assess your teeth and check your orthodontic case, but yes, most people are eligible to wear clear braces.
Why must I remove my clear braces to eat and drink?
The clear aligners are made from thin plastic. If you eat with your aligners in, you are likely to break the plastic. Food and drink can become trapped underneath your clear braces which doesn’t look good and can lead to a higher rate of decay on your teeth. Finally, dark coloured drinks like tea, coffee and red wine can cause excess staining if you drink with your aligners in as the liquid gets trapped against your teeth. Please only drink cold water with your clear braces in and remove them for everything else.

Why choose Coco Dental Perfect Smile Aligners

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  • Flexible appointment times
  • Interest Free Finance to help spread the cost

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